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Unbelievably complacent. Unbelievably lucky – Wednesday May 12 2010

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 I defy you to watch this 'lucky escape' video and not wince in horror.

This has got to be the closest ‘near miss’ I think I’ve ever seen and it left me churning and feeling ill. This chap is lucky to be alive. Time after time, railway journalists have harangued complacent linesiders for putting theirs (and other) lives at risk whilst talking photographs and shooting video too close to operational high speed tracks.

I’ve seen many close shaves – but nothing as close as this. Sooner or later the worst is going to happen – again. Yes, again. Because I recall a video photographer on a steam special on the North Wales coast being decapitated some years ago. He leaned out too far and hit a bridge. End of.

How long before a main line train hits and kills a photographer? Main line steam would probably die, along with the photographer concerned.

UPDATE: Sunday May 16 2010. Youtube has removed this video, but you can now find it here:





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Comment by:Nigel Harris
Comment left:16:56:44
May 16, 2010

Because I didn't realise the video had been removed, Bob. The blog has been updated with a new link to video on Sun website.

Comment by:Bob Turvey
Comment left:10:25:09
May 15, 2010

No comment, video removed so why not the blog?


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