Sun Oct 26 2014


My Top Ten of 2010

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Look, I know this is a bit late…mea culpa and all that. What was it John Lennon said about ‘Life’s what happens to you while you’re making other plans” – well, he was right.

A proposal for RAIB - Thursday August 12 2010

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I always find Rail Accident Investigation Branch incident reports interesting reading. I’ve always been fascinated by the way the circumstances to an accident large or small often builds from the most innocuous mistake. A signalman forgets to place a lever collar and overlooks the train standing at the signal controlled by that lever, or a driver complacently fails to carry out Rule 55 to remind a signalman of his presence at a stop signal…and the seeds of catastrophe are sown.

Is it a tram or bus? Maybe a ‘bram’ – or even a ‘trus’?!

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Whatever it is, it’s b****y huge, or even ‘gi-normous’ as this techie website would have it. Whatever tram train or guided bus ideas we may play about with with here, the Chinese do it much bigger. And I do mean much bigger.

Civility, judgement and tact – Wednesday August 4 2010

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My old chum Richard Greenwood, Rochdale solicitor, estwhile Worth Valley Railway top man and scourge of Northern in his role as passenger champion these days, is kind enough to copy me on a newsgroup discussion about railway matters in the north west.

Getting the hump - Monday August 2 2010

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I was sent this a highly enjoyable youtube link t'other day by a chum, so thought I'd share it with you. It's a long time since Britain's railways had the hump like this - more's the pity. 

Excuse me – why aren’t your legs out of the train window? Friday July 30 2010.

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 Having got your attention with that headlinbe, I'll come back to that in a minute! It was the National Rail Awards final judging session for the 2010 even in London yesterday - and all this year’s winners are now agreed. Their names will be kept strictly secret until the NRA ‘railway Oscars’ dinner at the Grosvenor, in Park Lane, on Thursday September 16.

UK aviation and even Russian Railways openly welcome hobbyists, so why can’t we? – Monday July 26 20

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Regular RAIL readers will be aware of our long-running campaign to persuade Network Rail – and especially our train operators – to regard hobbyist photographers as friends rather than potential terrorists to be hassled and harried.

A railway re-think on signs? - Tuesday July 13 2010

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This picture of a ‘use the handrail’ sign at York which I criticised in Stop & Examine in RAIL 648 (on the news-stands Wednesday July 14) caused something of a discussion at the National Rail Conference, held last week in Liverpool on Thursday.

Virgin victorious, Piccadilly poor – Friday July 9 2010

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I’m on my way back to Peterborough on the final leg of my circular journey to Liverpool for the National Rail Conference yesterday and have therefore sampled East Coast, Virgin, Trans-Pennine Express and East Coast (again). And, of course, Network Rail.

I love St Pancras International, BUT….. Monday June 10 2010

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I absolutely love St Pancras International. As a 21st century reworking of a 19th century Gothic masterpiece I think it’s a triumph of design and implementation and I always enjoy using it. A lot!

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