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  • EC emissions directive

    EC emissions directive


    EU spares UK locomotives from tighter emissions rules


  • Abellio wins ScotRail franchise

    Abellio wins ScotRail franchise


    Dutch company wins £6 billion, ten-year contract to run trains from April 2015


  • InnoTrans


    How the world’s biggest rail trade fair is an important showcase for the latest trends




  • South West winner

    South West winner

    RAIL meets the railway staff who kept the services going after the Dawlish sea wall collapse in February




Tue Oct 21 2014


Network Rail ‘obstructive and incompetent’ says ORR – June 3 2010.

Categories: RAILBlog

 I was at a rather odd press conference at the Office of Rail Regulation yesterday, at which ORR Chief Executive Bill Emery reported that in a ‘mixed year’ NR had been both obstructive and incompetent.

Is time running out for Network Rail? – Tuesday June 1 2010.

Categories: RAILBlog

Those who tune in regularly to my mumblings here will have seen Sunday’s post, prompted by the intriguing (and revealing) Sunday Times Business Section story about new Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond’s letter urging restraint on top executive NR bonuses this year.


New Government’s clear warning to Network Rail – Sunday May 30 2010

Categories: RAILBlog

New Con-Lib Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond has put a clear warning shot across Network Rail’s bows – the question is this: will the company take any notice?

Train operators in denial. What planet are they ON?! – Wednesday May 26 2010.

Categories: RAILBlog

 It’s a press day and RAIL’s Richard Clinnick has just brought the office to a standstill (and not for the first time, but we won’t go into that now) by a truly gobsmacking exchange with a train operator ‘somewhere in England.’

First meeting with new Secretary of State – May 14 2014

Categories: RAILBlog

So, there I was, yesterday, on Taunton station, mulling over that I now had to ‘start again’ getting to know a new, and (to me) completely unknown Secretary of State for Transport - when my mobile buzzed.

Unbelievably complacent. Unbelievably lucky – Wednesday May 12 2010

Categories: RAILBlog

 I defy you to watch this 'lucky escape' video and not wince in horror.

Please don’t forget to vote! – May 6 2010

Categories: RAILBlog

It’s nowt to do with me how you vote, and vice versa…..but it’s really important that you do, in fact, drop by your polling station sometime today and excercise your franchise.

More level crossing madness – Tuesday May 4 2010.

Categories: RAILBlog

We recently had the scarcely credible incident in the UK where a lorry driver knowingly tried to barge through level crossing barriers as they were actually descending - and ended up being fined just £170 with three penalty points!

And today’s mystery question, is…. - Monday April 12 2010

Categories: RAILBlog

Which is the only major station in mainland Britain where you look down on the roof on all sides from the surrounding cityscape?

Extra pictures of Help for Heroes event, March 27 2010

Categories: RAILBlog

My apologies for the lack of any extra pictures of this HfH event, as promised in RAIL 641, which went on sale on Wednesday April 7. This is owing to a small technical difficulty which we’ll resolve by the end of this week. The Help for Heroes picture Gallery will be uploaded on Monday April 12. My apologies for this slight delay.

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